EFPT DAM-X 2017 – Highlights Day 1

For the third consecutive year, the EFPT is staged at one of the most popular windsurfing spots of Europe: the Brouwersdam in the Netherlands. 37 men and eleven ladies signed up for the last freestyle windsurfing event of the season, where the new European Freestyle Champions will be crowned.

With a promising forecast, the first heat was on the water by 9.00 am in the morning in front of the brand new Zeil- and Surfcentrum. Team Germany with Valentin Böckler, Marco Lufen (North/Fanatic), Andy Lachauer (JP/Neilpryde) and Julian Wiemar (Severne/Starboard) were showing some decent sailing, however couldn’t advance into the quater final in the end, letting the high level of the fleet become obvious.

Check the highlight video of Day 1 below – we also picked a few highlight images for a gallery. For more info and the full press release please check www.efpt.net

The double elimination has been launched straight after the single was finished, since the conditions looked suitable in the beginning. The later it was in the day, the more the wind dropped off leaving the race directory no chance but to call it a day at 6.30pm.

The forecast for today looks alright and the first possible start is set for 9.30 am.

Top three after the single elimination – Men:
1st Jacopo Testa (RRD/RRD)
2nd Giovanni Passani
3rd Amado Vrieswijk (Severne/JP)

Top three after the single elimination – Women:
1st Sarah-Quita Offringa (Neilprye/Starboard)
2nd Maaike Huvermann (Severne/Starboard)
3rd Arrianne Aukes (North/Fanatic)