Pozo Training Diaries – Episode 2

Ep2 of the Pozo Training diaries is Out… and it’s Bigger and Better than ever before!!!

„The Action has been insane!!!! I mean Crazy insane the last couple of days… but obviously these Diaries take some time to prepare (Blood, sweat and tears have gone into these) so not all the action is in this episode! …But there is 20mins… so make sure you have refreshments ready :)“ Ben Proffitt

In Episode 2
– Omar drops in on Antoine martin
– Antoine and Moritz give us a lesson in Body Surfing
– Marc pare has a close shave with Sarah Quita
– We hand out a Big Balls Trophy… and it was no surprise!!
– We spot Ricardo Campello has a funny habit!!
– Jaeger Stone has a nasty crash but comes back strong… and lands probably the best loiter i’ve seen in Pozo.
–Moritz Mauch takes to the Air… who says he can’t jump!! …and shows us his new board set up.
– Muso turns up in Pozo…. sort of!!!
– We have a NEW Feature ‚K4 fins Spray of the Day!!!
– Antoine Albert shows his turns… not bad for a Freestyler!