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windjeri Contest 2017

Big action last week in Jericoacoara. Wave & Freestyle action at the „windjeri Contest“ with Top PWA riders against the locals. Gollito Estredo won in Freestyle, Local hero Edvan Souza in the waves while Oda Johanne, Arrianne Aukes and Maaike Huvermann made the ladies competition look like a PWA tourstop. 

New EFPT Champions

With no suitable conditions on the ultimate day of the DAM-X event in Brouwersdam, the double elimination unfortunately couldn’t be finished. So it’s the single elimination which goes into the ranking as the official result of the final event of the 2017 European Freestyle Pro Tour.  all the winners. DAM-X & EFPT overall 2017 Finishing […]

EFPT DAM-X 2017 – Highlights Day 1

For the third consecutive year, the EFPT is staged at one of the most popular windsurfing spots of Europe: the Brouwersdam in the Netherlands. 37 men and eleven ladies signed up for the last freestyle windsurfing event of the season, where the new European Freestyle Champions will be crowned. With a promising forecast, the first […]

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